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Anaheim University's 2020 Vision:

Share It Forward

Anaheim University's 2020 Vision is a commitment to Share It Forward and to make a positive impact on society and the natural environment through a series of initiatives over the next decade leading up to the year 2020. "Share It Forward" means doing your part to make the world a better place so that we can all share in the benefits for many generations to come. Share It Forward originated from the concept of "Pay It Forward", which means to ask that a good turn be repaid by having it done to others instead. It was first described by Benjamin Franklin and became the subject of the 2000 film by the same name.

The tradition of Sharing It Forward was originally initiated by Anaheim University students who sought to develop a practice within the institution that would help new students get used to the online learning environment. Their proactive student involvement in developing student-centered systems, introducing supplemental learning resources, and offering tutorship and guidance to new and potential students, was done with the hope that those that receive the benefits would also Share It Forward.

The idea of Sharing It Forward had such an impact on our learning community that the University's administration has embraced it. The philosophy has been incorporated into the mission of numerous University-led projects including our 2020 Vision in which we spread goodwill beyond our own institution to the world.

The administration, faculty and student body are united. We have a clear 20/20 vision of our role and responsibility in leading change towards a sustainable future. We are now at the threshold of fulfilling our Quest to be Paperless. This is an achievement that has taken the cooperation of our entire learning community. Becoming the world's first paperless university certainly brings a feeling of pride and satisfaction to those of us who have worked hard to lead change within our own institution. However, an even stronger sense of pride will come when we have encouraged other universities to join us in this quest of becoming paperless and developing a sustainable future through environmental and social responsibility. It is the hope of Anaheim University to inspire students and academic leaders around the globe to join this initiative to change the world, one good turn at a time.

Join Anaheim University in our 2020 vision and Share It Forward.

- Garnet E. Birch, Ph.D., Chancellor Emeritus

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