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Akio Morita School of Business Faculty

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  • William Hartley Ph.D. William Hartley Ph.D.
    William Hartley, Ph.D. Vice-President of Student and Alumni Affairs
    Dean of the Anaheim University Akio Morita School of Business Dr. Hartley's background is a combination of education, private sector work, teaching and consulting. Holding a bachelor's degree, three master degrees, and a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado, University of California at Berkeley and University of Wisconsin respectively,...
  • Andrew E. Honeycutt, DBA Andrew E. Honeycutt, DBA
    Andrew E. Honeycutt, DBA
    Andrew E. Honeycutt, DBA, President of Anaheim University, is the recipient of the Doctor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Harvard University and the Masters in Business Administration degree in Organizational Behavior from Boston University. Dr. Honeycutt has served as Dean of the College of Business and Technology of Argosy University...
  • Robert Robertson, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean, Akio Morita School of Business Dr Robertson has more than twenty years of private and public sector experience as a senior manager. In addition, he has more than ten years of experience in academia as a Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of Business and MBA program director in the United States and in Kazakhstan. He holds a PhD in Management and Organization (Stirling...
  • Caryn Callahan, Ph.D. Caryn Callahan, Ph.D.
    Caryn Callahan, Ph.D. Professor Holding a Ph.D. in East Asian Languages in Civilizations with a specialization in Japan from Harvard University, and an MBA specializing in Finance-Accounting from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Dr. Caryn Callahan is a former Vice President and International Equity Analyst for Merrill Lynch Japan as well as Financial Analyst for W.R. Grace &...
  • Jim Carland, Ph.D. Jim Carland, Ph.D.
    Dr. Jim Carland
    Carland Entrepreneurship Institute Director
    Dr. Jim Carland holds a Ph.D. in Management Policy and Systems from the University of Georgia as well as an MBA from Western Carolina University and has held Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) qualifications.

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