Anaheim University Online Academic Programs
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Anaheim University accepts qualified students from around the globe. AU students communicate with fellow students and faculty via the University's online campus which provides an interactive environment for students with a desire to establish relationships with like-minded individuals all over the world regardless of their geographical, political, and cultural boundaries.

The very nature of online education provides an opportunity for students residing in all parts of the world to come together for a common goal, making up a diverse student body. AU students:

  • Seek personal or professional advancement.
  • Set goals and work toward them.
  • Are eager to contribute to a lively and productive learning environment.
  • Are able to manage multiple responsibilities.
  • Have a desire to enrich others through their own experiences.

Students join online classes and discussions while living active lives around the world, bringing with them unique experiences and contributing to a learning atmosphere unmatched in a traditional university setting, where students' lives and interactions are restricted by the University's physical location.

In addition to an international perspective, many AU students bring with them valuable professional experience and are eager to express their views based on these experiences.

Anaheim University MBA students and graduates are speaking the Global Business Language of multinational companies.

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Students First, Always

Accredited online English Language Teacher education (TESOL), International Business and Sustainable Management programs at Anaheim University.


A Truly World-Class Education

Learn from world-acclaimed TESOL experts, and gain invaluable insight from leading-edge Sustainability and International Business Professionals.