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Online Degree Accessibility

90px-Disability symbols.svgAnaheim University subscribes to the theory of Lernfreiheit, the freedom to learn for all, regardless of circumstances. The University is currently conducting research into how the University's website can be improved for those who are either visually or hearing impaired, or for other students who may require assistive technology in order to enhance their learning experience. Residential on-campus sessions are held in buildings equipped with handicapped facilities.

Committed to meeting the educational needs of a diverse and global student body of mature professionals through academic programs of the highest quality and in line with our student-centered philosophy, Anaheim University makes higher education accessible to qualified students worldwide through both online and on-campus study. It is our goal to make your educational experience pleasant and comfortable. We would like to ask for the support of the members of our global learning community and of visitors to this site in helping us to find ways to make our education even more accessible to people around the world. Any suggestions or comments can be directed to the Office of the President at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Accredited online English Language Teacher education (TESOL), International Business and Sustainable Management programs at Anaheim University.


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Learn from world-acclaimed TESOL experts, and gain invaluable insight from leading-edge Sustainability and International Business Professionals.