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Sustainable Management FAQs

What is Sustainable Management?

greenmba top02Today's corporate sector is increasingly emphasizing the concept of sustainability and incorporating a triangle of economic, environmental and social viewpoints when making ethical management decisions about corporate growth and development. As companies around the globe face the challenges of sustainability, there is an increasing need for leaders who have the capacity to incorporate strategies for both sustainability and profitability into their businesses to achieve value maximization in a more holistic way. With environmental issues such as global warming, pollution and the depletion of natural resources threatening our very existence, corporations must learn to reduce, reuse and recycle in order to protect our planet while taking care of people and maximizing profit. Sustainable management looks beyond short-term quarterly profits, and focuses on long-term gain by incorporating the environmental and social costs of doing business into management decisions.


Is Green For You?


greenmba top01The Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute Online MBA in Global Sustainable Management (the Green MBA) provides candidates with the business skills needed to look at the financial, environmental and social implications of management decisions. Whether you are responsible for marketing, finance, strategic planning, corporate social responsibility (CSR), or overseeing engineering and manufacturing functions of a company, the Green MBA allows you to incorporate the social and environmental costs of doing business into your work. The Green MBA allows you to be environmentally friendly and socially responsible while still being successful in your business endeavors.

Executives who want an edge above the rest need a Green MBA. Here are a few examples:

  • A marketing director deciding on how to print promotional materials or how to package a product
  • An investment banker deciding whether acquiring a manufacturing plant is a sound investment
  • A purchasing director deciding which materials and which supplier to use
  • A CSR officer documenting the company's environmental and social impact
  • An engineering manager deciding how to best manufacture a product
  • An investor relations officer documenting how the company has created value for its shareholders
  • Managers wanting to be more successful at advancing their initiatives
  • Anyone who wants to be globally competitive

The MBA Program

Is the degree I will get by studying online the same as the degree I would get by studying on campus?

Yes, the degree you earn online is exactly the same as the degree you would earn on campus. There is no notation on the actual degree stating that it was earned online, and in the United States online education is considered to be leading edge and progressive.

From what schools did the faculty graduate?

Our faculty are graduates of many of the top schools in the U.S., including Harvard, UCLA, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and New York University.

How many MBAs graduate each year in the United States?

Approximately 100,000 MBAs graduate annually, representing at least 66 percent of all graduate business degrees conferred in the US, and the widespread pursuit of MBA education is part of a long-term trend that began in the 1950s and continues to this day. In the United States, there are literally hundreds of thousands of MBAs filling U.S. corporations' management and executive-level positions.

One benefit of on-campus programs is that I can network. Can I also create a network through online study?

Yes. Networking is one of the greatest benefits of online study. AU students have the opportunity to network and establish lifetime relationships with their fellow students residing in other parts of the world. A recent study carried out in the United States showed that online students preserve closer relationships with fellow alumni after graduating than do students from on-campus programs. This can be explained by the fact that online students establish good online communication habits, and relationships formed by online study can easily be continued through e-mail, chat and telephone.

What are the benefits of studying online as opposed to on-campus?

Studying online provides many benefits. It is cost efficient, in that you may pursue an MBA while working full time. It is practical in that what you learn today can be applied at work tomorrow. It is feasible as you can work your studies around your responsibilities - both at work and at home. It is interactive, in that you can discuss issues with your professors and fellow students on a daily basis. The professors are experts in their fields as online programs can recruit professors from all over the world and do not have geographic limitations. The programs are engaging as you can communicate with students in various fields and from various countries, gaining insight, sharing ideas and networking.

How do I take exams online?

All Anaheim University graduate students must successfully complete a series of proctored examinations, some of which may be offered online in the form of an essay, multiple choice quiz, short answer, or true/false. A password to the online examination site will be provided to the University-approved proctor, who will open the site for the student. Assessment is also performed with project-based course work. For example, students create marketing proposals, business plans, and other projects as their final report for each of their courses. These assignments are submitted online.

Can I continue from the Business Certificates to the Business Diplomas or the MBAs?

Yes, students who successfully complete the Anaheim University Certificate in International Business may apply their courses to the Diploma in International Business or the International MBA.  Students who complete the Diploma in International Business may also apply their courses to the International MBA.  Likewise, students who complete the Sustainable Management Certificate may apply their courses to the Diploma or MBA in Sustainable Management, and students who complete the Diploma in Sustainable Management may apply their courses to the MBA in Sustainable Management.  To continue with another program, students must submit a new application form, application fee, and enrollment agreement, and they must be approved by the Dean. Students will be subject to the terms and conditions existing at the time of their acceptance into the new program, including any changes to program fees or maximum time allowed for program completion.


Employment Opportunities for Green MBAs

whygreenmbaThe growth in new green MBA programs has been remarkable and encouraging. Every time I look on the web, in a paper or magazine I seem to see a new advertisement or write-up about a new program. It might appear that there will not be enough jobs for these newly minted sustainability specialists but the demand is growing and expected to increase rapidly as climate weirdness, resource shortages and economic problems continue to mount. Larger companies will soon all have dedicated sustainability specialists, reporting to a sustainability VP, and departments dedicated to improving the efficiency of operations throughout the value chain, devising more profitable ways of managing and eliminating waste and costly non-renewable materials, and identifying new market opportunities for more sustainable products and services.

How big is the market? In the U.S. alone there are more than a million firms with more than 10 employees, about a half million companies with 20-99 employees, and more than 100,000 with more than 100 employees. In addition, many of the 4 million smaller firms will need sustainability advice, sustainability reporting, and more sustainable management. The global demand is larger and growing even faster as Asia, South America and Europe race ahead of the United States.  International sustainability reporting increased 60% this year.

Training is also seeing increasing demand. On the west coast these programs include the pioneering executive style programs, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Presidio Graduate School, Marshall Goldsmith School of Management, Dominican University and our on-line Green MBA at Anaheim University.

There are also many green-themed or green-tinted traditional business programs and certificate programs that can provide a better understanding of the issues and opportunities in sustainable management (see the annual review in Sustainable Industries Journal). Specialized training in sustainability reporting under the Global Reporting Initiative (see ISOS Group), International Standards Organization (ISO14000, 26000), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED-USGBC), ULE880 – Sustainable Manufacturing, Project Management (PMI), Quality Management (SixSigma), Certified financial planner (CFP) and other certifications may also be desirable for many positions.

The challenge as a prospective student is finding a program that fits your interests, timing, and budget. Look closely to see if the program will provide you with the opportunity to learn the skills you need to succeed. This will in most cases include courses in management, finance, leadership, accounting and reporting, innovation and entrepreneurship, and strategy, all emphasizing sustainability. Case studies and projects and teamwork are an integral part of learning how to bring these issues into the workplace. International experience with multicultural teams is also a plus. Look at the faculty to see if their interests and experience, availability for student interaction, and outlook are likely to work for you.

If you are interested in working with non-governmental organizations, for example, does the faculty have experience with NGOs?  If not, they may not cover the special issues that arise in NGOs.  If you wish to work on sustainability of government programs, the Department of Defense has been a leader; look for the same range of experience. Networking is essential for rapid career advancement, so look for faculty and programs that are well linked to practicing professionals.

A word of caution: Many students that are inspired to develop a career in sustainable management are from non-traditional business backgrounds. Their often more holistic perspectives are ideal for understanding the complexity and inter-connectivity of complex systems and creating innovative solutions to complex problems, but if they are not willing to learn the language and skills of business, they may find it hard to convince an employer to give them a chance.

Sustainable management is here to stay. Our lives and livelihood depend on it. And careers in this field are rewarding, positive and soul-affirming. Is a Green Business career for you?

David Bainbridge
Vice-President for Sustainability Emeritus


Why Study Online?


Anaheim University is an online and environmentally-friendly university developed to meet the practical needs of students in the 21st Century. The nature of online education allows for the tremendous saving of resources both financially and environmentally through the use of:

  • e-books
  • e-assignments
  • electronic journals
  • electronic libraries and information systems
  • online classrooms
  • online discussion forums
  • globally accessible webcast seminars

The financial savings are passed on to students through low-cost tuition. Our students and professors study and work from where ever they are. This helps to preserve a tremendous amount of resources:

  • Brick and mortar buildings and other structures do not need to be constructed, lit, cooled and heated in order to house online classrooms.
  • Petroleum does not need to be used to fuel air travel for international students and ground transportation for local commuters.

A tremendous amount of energy and resources is conserved when operating educational programs online, as opposed to on a traditional brick and mortar campus, or in high-tech city structures.

Anaheim University's Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute is currently conducting studies into sustainable management of universities. At the end of this study, statistics will be provided on the estimated energy savings per student studying in an online environment as opposed to an on-campus environment.

The following are a few statistics provided by reports from traditional universities who are attempting to reduce their use of energy.

  • In a recent energy management report from a division of an east-coast based state University's Utilities and Plant Engineering Organization, in the fiscal year 2006 alone, it cost the University $107,500,000 to heat, cool, light and power their more than 27.5 million square feet of building space.
  • In the fiscal year of 2005,the electricity consumption alone for the campus of a 5,000 student research university on the east coast of the U.S. indirectly resulted in the emission of approximately 74 million pounds of CO2, just under 40 million kWhs of electricity were used on the main campus and the gym alone, and the University Central Heating Plant's natural gas usage was approximately 300,000 mmBTUs. 

The MBA & Your Career

Will a college degree help me get a higher paying job?

According to the 2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics, a college degree nearly doubles annual income. The marketplace has become more competitive with employers placing greater value on education. While a college undergraduate will earn an average of 66% more than a high school graduate, individuals with a master's degree have averaged 103% more income than a high school graduate.

Am I guaranteed to get a job after I graduate?

The University does not guarantee employment. However, employment opportunity announcements received by the University from companies are forwarded to students and alumni.

If I get my MBA, can I be guaranteed that my business will improve?

Anaheim University's role is to provide you with the highest quality education possible and to give you a strong, fundamental understanding of business management. The skills and knowledge you gain while studying in Anaheim University's MBA program will prepare you to become a better manager. However, the success of your business will depend on a number of variables including the economic conditions in your field, the effort you make, and your gut instinct.


Admissions & Enrollment Questions

What language proficiency requirements are there for non-native English speakers?

Non-native English speakers must demonstrate college-level proficiency in one of the following ways:

  • Degree from an accredited institution where English is the primary language of instruction
  • Transcript from an accredited institution indicating completion of at least 30 semester hours of credit where the language of instruction was English (“B” average)
  • Transcript from an accredited institution indicating a “B” or higher in an English composition class
  • A minimum TOEFL score of 530 PBT / 197 CBT/ 71 iBT
  • A minimum TOEIC score of 800
  • A minimum IELTS score of 6.5
  • A minimum PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic Score Report) of 50
  • A minimum BULATS Level 3 (60), accepted only for CulturaInglesia in Brazil
  • A minimum grade of Level 3 on the ACT COMPASS’s English as a Second Language Placement Test.
  • A minimum grade of Pre-1 on the Eiken English Proficiency Exam.
  • A minimum B2 English proficiency level identified within the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) Standards and assessed through various ESOL examinations, including the University of Cambridge

Non-native English speakers who submit an official transcript documenting that they have successfully completed a degree program entirely in the English language (i.e., graduated with an Associate or Bachelor's Degree from a U.S. university) are not required to provide an English proficiency test score.

Is a bachelor's degree required for admission?

Yes. Anaheim University requires applicants for the International MBA, Diploma or Certificate; Sustainable Management MBA, Diploma or Certificate; or the Master of Entrepreneurship to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution recognized by the US Department of Education and/or CHEA, or by the government of the country in which the degree was awarded.

Can students with an undergraduate degree from a foreign university, such as a Japanese university, enter?

Yes. Anaheim University accepts bachelor's degrees from any country as long as the degree is recognized by the government or education ministry of the country in which it was conferred.

What does it mean to be a matriculated student?

Matriculated students are those who have been officially enrolled in the degree program and are considered degree-seekers by the University, having completed at least two courses with a grade of B or better. Students who are simply attending a single course are not considered to be matriculated students.

How do I apply for the program?

You can apply online by going to Or, you may download a pdf version of the application form at and either scan and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or print it out and mail to:

Please submit your application to:

Anaheim University
Office of Admissions Rm. 110
1240 South State College Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92806

Can students who have taken courses at other universities transfer their credit?

Anaheim University will accept up to two graduate semester classes or 6 units awarded by another institution toward an International MBA, Diploma or Certificate; Sustainable Management MBA, Diploma or Certificate; or Master of Entrepreneurship at Anaheim University. The entering student will be required to clearly demonstrate the equivalency of a transfer course through relevant documents (syllabus, catalog, course outline) and justify its acceptance through petition. No course will be considered for transfer with a grade lower than a “B” or its equivalent. Petitions are directed to the specific Dean for the affected program. There is a fee of $125 per unit of credit transferred, and the overall program cost will be adjusted to reflect credit for the approved class(es). All petitions for transfer credit must be submitted as part of the student’s initial application to the University. Credits awarded as part of another degree will not be accepted for transfer. Anaheim University has not entered into an articulation or transfer agreement with any other college or university.

Is the GMAT or GRE required for admission?

No. Neither the GMAT nor the GRE are required for admission into Anaheim University's programs.

Does AU award credit for professional or life experience?

No. Anaheim University does not award credit for professional or life experience.

Is an entrance examination required?

No. Other than the English proficiency requirements, AU does not require applicants to take an admission or entrance examination.

How soon after applying can students begin their studies?

A student's application must be reviewed by the Office of Admissions and approved by the Dean. The approval process can usually be completed within one week after receipt of all required application documents. Following approval and acceptance into the University, a new student can begin his/her studies at the beginning of the next term as long as space is available. New terms begin every six weeks. It is recommended that you submit your application at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the term, so that there is sufficient time for course materials and other related information to be sent to you.

Applicants who wish to become an enrolled student must commence their academic program within 2 terms from the time of enrollment in order to keep their status as an enrolled student. Students who do not begin their program within 2 terms, must begin paying the $200 records fee for each term they do not commence a course in order to keep their status as an enrolled student. Students who do not keep their status as an enrolled student but wish to begin their studies at a later date, are subject to going through the application process from the beginning and be subject to the polices, procedures and tuition fees in effect at that time.

Do students have to enroll in the entire degree program, or can they simply enroll in one course to see how they like it?

Students may enroll in only one course, or as many courses as they wish. There is no obligation to complete the entire degree program once you have started.

Do students need to have computer access prior to enrolling?

Yes. Every student must have access to the Internet and a computer with word processing software in order to study in Anaheim University's programs. This does not mean that the student must own a computer. In many cases, students participate in AU courses and use rental computers through local Internet cafes, etc.

Do you accept applications from students residing in all 50 states?

We currently do not accept students who reside in Alabama, Arkansas, Maryland, Minnesota, and Oregon due to regulatory matters. For more information, please call our Administrative Director at 714-772-3330.

May I audit a course?

Yes. Students who elect to audit a course are not required to complete assignments or take exams. Audit students may participate in the Online Discussion Forum, the real-time classes and other course activities (except team projects), but they do not receive credit for the course and no grades are awarded. To audit a course, students must meet the University's entrance requirements and receive permission from the course professor and the Dean. Course audits are approved on a space available basis with priority given to credit students. The audit fee for graduate level courses is $200 per unit (i.e., $800 for a four-unit course). Audit fees are subject to the University's normal fee refund policy. The audit fee is waived for students who have been awarded transfer credit by Anaheim University and who audit the equivalent course. Auditing students will be required to pay the $200 records fees per term in line with the University's tuition policy. The course will appear on transcripts with a notation of "Au" (audit). Audited courses are not calculated into a student's GPA. Students can repeat for credit a course previously audited only with approval of the Dean. A request to change from audit status to credit status or from credit status to audit status must be made in writing to the Registrar before the end of the first week of the course.


Entrance Requirements

An application for an International MBA, Diploma or Certificate; Sustainable Management MBA, Diploma or Certificate; or Master of Entrepreneurship must include the following:

  • Application form
  • Application fee ($75)
  • One recent color photograph (digital is okay).   
  • Official undergraduate transcripts from an accredited institution recognized by the US Department of Education and/or CHEA, or by the government of the country in which the degree was awarded, in a sealed envelope from the awarding institution.  
  • Non-native English speakers must demonstrate college-level proficiency (see “Admissions and Enrollment Questions” for a complete list of how to demonstrate college-level proficiency).  

Once your application materials have been approved, you will need to submit an Enrollment Agreement and tuition payment to complete the enrollment process

An application for a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) must include the following:

  • Application form
  • Application fee ($75)
  • One recent color photograph (digital is okay).   
  • Official transcripts, licenses or certificates. The DBA program requires a Masters degree in business administration, in a functional area of business, non-profit management, public administration, a JD degree, or other degree relating to managerial functions from an accredited institution recognized by the US Department of Education and/or CHEA, or by the government of the country in which the degree was awarded, and with an overall GPA of no less than 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or equivalent from non-USA Institutions. (Note: If the university does not routinely issue transcripts in English, original language records must be submitted with official English translations. We will accept translations issued by the university or a professional translating service. Translations must be exact and complete versions of the original records.)  
  • At least one course in each of the following: accounting, finance and economics. This requirement must be met before admission to the DBA program.   
  • resume documenting a minimum of 5 years of work or teaching experience in a relevant area of business   
  • Non-native English speakers must demonstrate college-level proficiency (see “Admissions and Enrollment Questions” for a complete list of how to demonstrate college-level proficiency).  

Once your application materials have been approved, you will need to submit an Enrollment Agreement and tuition payment to complete the enrollment process

Residency Requirements

Am I required to attend on-campus classes?

The International MBA, Diploma or Certificate; Sustainable Management MBA, Diploma or Certificate; or Master of Entrepreneurship programs are designed to be completed through online learning, and students are not required to attend on-campus classes. However, the University does offer optional face-to-face seminars throughout the year and students are encouraged to attend whenever possible.


When and How Long?

When can I begin studying in the program?

Courses for the Business Administration and Sustainable Management programs begin every six weeks.

To see the course schedule, click here.

How long will it take to complete a course

Each Business Administration and Sustainable Management course is six weeks in duration.

How long will it take to complete the MBA degree program?

Students enrolling in one International MBA or Green MBA course per term can complete the required total of 12 courses in approximately 72 weeks (18 months). The Diploma program can be completed in approximately 36 weeks; the Certificate program can be completed in approximately 18 weeks

What is the maximum time allotted to complete the MBA degree program?

Students must complete their entire degree program within three years. Students who are unable to complete the degree program within three years but wish to continue their studies must re-enroll in the program. Re-enrollment requires approval from the appropriate Dean.

Some MBA programs take two years to complete. Why are AU's MBA programs shorter?

Anaheim University's programs are run on an accelerated semester system to allow busy professionals the opportunity to complete the entire MBA in about a year and a half. Each course is six weeks in length and new courses begin every six weeks. Therefore, if a student takes one course per term, s/he could finish the MBA in Global Sustainable Management program in about 18 months

How many hours a day do I have to study?

The amount of time required to study differs from person to person. However, through providing questionnaires to our students and alumni, we have learned that the average Business Administration and Sustainable Management student spends approximately 22.5 hours per week of total study time.

Are you sure I can study and work full time?

Over 98% of our students are employed full time. When asked, the great majority of students answered that working full time while studying was an advantage, rather than a disadvantage, as it provided an opportunity to apply to the real world the principles and concepts learned in the classroom.

How many courses do I need to take to be considered a full-time student at Anaheim University?

We consider a student who takes a minimum of one course every semester to be a full-time student. To determine this status for financial aid purposes, please follow-up with the financial aid institution to determine their specific requirements.


Student Support

Do students have regular contact with their professors?

Yes. Students communicate directly with their professors through the online webcam classes in real time and are in regular contact by e-mail with their professors in the Online Discussion Forum.

May I contact my professor by e-mail?

Yes. Students may contact their professor by e-mail. The professor's e-mail address is typically listed in the online course guide.

Do I have regular contact with other students in my course?

Yes. Through the University's Online Discussion Forum, students communicate regularly with all other students enrolled in the same course. Each week, a student is nominated as "Student Host." It is the Student Host's responsibility to encourage students to participate and to keep discussions going by presenting topics for discussion. This Student Host system in conjunction with the real-time online webcam classes has proven to be so effective, it is said that AU students have more contact with their professors and fellow students than most students do in on-campus programs! To further enhance this communication, AU students have the option of having their e-mail address connected to the Forum discussions. This allows students to follow conversations from students and professors from around the world 24 hours a day no matter where they are.

Is there any support for students who do not have access to major libraries?

Yes. The AU online library offers students 24-hour access to a vast collection of publications and other printed resources available in digital format for their research. LIRN was developed by a team of professionals who have evaluated thousands of Internet resources to identify and annotate only those deemed useful to students doing academic or professional research on the Web. The LIRN offers academically appropriate, Internet-based resources. Each resource is updated regularly to ensure quality, accuracy, and currency.

How can I purchase textbooks?

AU students may order textbooks through the Anaheim University Online Bookstore. The Online Bookstore provides a competitive and reliable textbook service that ensures receipt of the correct textbook in a timely manner. Purchases will be subject to the refund policy of the bookstore.

Is there an alumni association?

Yes. AU's Alumni Association for lifelong learning is more than just a membership. As graduates of AU, students are automatically enrolled in a learning process that will extend beyond their degree. The University fully subscribes to the principle that "learning never ends." One of the great advantages of the online university is that students can maintain contact with the University, the faculty and fellow classmates throughout their lifetime. The Alumni Association will send students up-to-date information on new developments, suggested readings, cutting-edge information, occupational trends, and professional career opportunities.

How can I learn about upcoming events in my field of study?

Students wishing to read or post announcements about upcoming events, seminars, fairs, conventions, etc. or other subjects of academic interest to students in their major or to all AU students may do so through the AU Online Discussion Forum.

Is it possible to publish my research through Anaheim University?

Yes. The Anaheim University Press is an online innovation that provides opportunities for faculty and students to individually or collectively publish articles and research reports that will be made available for global interest. In addition to these online services, graduate theses and projects may be published, furthering the work of research in the fields of study represented by the University's programs. The AU Press will also give consideration to the publication of printed materials which conforms to the University mission.

Is there a graduation ceremony?

Yes. The University holds graduation ceremonies from time to time and although it is not mandatory all students are welcome to take part.


Tuition & Fees Payments

Are tuition fees for international students different from those of California residents?

No. Anaheim University's tuition fees are the same no matter where the student resides. All tuition fees are paid in US dollars.

How are tuition payments handled?

All payments must be made in US dollars. Students may pay by credit card (American Express, MasterCard, Visa or Discover), bank transfer, check or money order made payable to Anaheim University. To pay by credit card, please download a credit card authorization form at the Applications page of this website, complete it, and send to the University by email or fax. A bank transfer may be made by contacting Anaheim University for detailed information. Payments are processed through the University's Administrative Offices in California.

Upon initial application, students are required to submit payment for the application fee. Upon acceptance, students must pay the Registration Fee plus the Records Fee and Tuition Fee for the first course.

The Tuition and Records Fee for each course are paid no later than two weeks prior to beginning each course. Prior to graduation, students must make payment of the Graduation Fee. For current tuition rates, please see the tuition fee schedule.

Do I have to own my own computer?

No. You do not need to own your own computer. However, all students must have regular access to a computer connected to the Internet.

Do I have to purchase equipment or special software in order to access the online campus?

For the majority of Anaheim University's online learning system, students do not need special hardware or software.

The following are system requirements for the live webcam classes:

PC Users

  • Windows XP or later
    Windows 2003 Server or later
  • Dual core 2.4GHz CPU or faster with at least 2 GB of RAM
  • Google Chrome v39.0 or later), Mozilla FIrefox v34 or later, Internet Explorer v8.0 or later
  • Internet connection - recommended broadband connection with 1+ Mbps

Mac Users

  • Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later
  • Safari v6 or later, Google Chrome v39.0 or later), Mozilla FIrefox v34 or later (JavaScript and Java enabled)
  • Internet connection - recommended broadband connection with 1+ Mbps

iOS app

  • iOS 8 or newer
  • iPhone 4 or newer, iPad 2 or newer
  • WiFi recommended for VoIP audio

Android app

  • Android 4.0 or higher
  • iPhone 4 or newer, iPad 2 or newer
  • WiFi recommended for VoIP audio

Windows Phone & Windows 8/RT app

  • Windows 8 or Windows RT
  • WiFi recommended for VoIP audio

Recommended Hardware

The online webcam software works with most standard webcams. Headset recommended for VoIP audio.  

Are textbooks included in the tuition?

No. Textbooks are not included in the tuition. Each course usually requires either one or two textbooks. It is suggested that you budget approximately $1,200 - $1,500 for textbooks for the entire MBA program. AU students have the opportunity of ordering their textbooks through the Anaheim University Online Bookstore, which also sells used textbooks at a discounted rate. Purchases will be subject to the refund policy of, which runs the bookstore.

Are there any extra library fees?

Anaheim University makes certain provisions in order to provide access to library resources and library services for all students enrolled directly through Anaheim University. However, students enrolled in Anaheim University’s online graduate degree programs are required to have an additional reserve fund to be used for the purchase of journals and research - materials that will aid them in their studies by providing information specific to their unique areas of interest and research - and to provide access to software and other resources that may help them in the completion of their studies. The research reserve fund is $1,500 for master degree students and $2,000 for doctoral students to be used over the duration of their program. Note: Students are not required to spend the entire research fund - only that amount necessary in order to carry out their research.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. The University currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card. To pay by credit card, please download a credit card authorization form at the Admissions/Downloadable Forms page of this website, complete it, and send to the University by email or fax.

Can I make credit card installment payments?

Yes. Credit card companies have various installment payment plans in order to accommodate students, and these plans vary based on your credit card limit. However, students in the past have made up to 36 payments by credit card installment payment plans.

Will I receive a tuition discount for paying my tuition in full?

Yes. You may pay for only one course at a time, or you may receive a 10% discount on tuition by paying your program fees in full at the time of enrollment.

Are Anaheim University's programs approved for VA benefits for US military?

Yes. Anaheim University's programs are approved for VA benefits for US military. 


Withdrawal from Program

How do I withdraw from my program if I am unable to continue my studies?

If you are unable to continue your studies, you should submit a cancellation request in any manner to the University. Then, a Notice of Withdrawal Form must be completed, signed and submitted to the University. The Notice of Withdrawal Form can be obtained from the Downloadable Forms section of this website, by visiting the University's Admissions office in Anaheim, CA, or by contacting Student Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To receive a refund for the unused portion of tuition, you are encouraged to send a refund request by registered mail to the University's main office in Anaheim, CA.


Accreditation and State Approval

1. Is Anaheim University accredited?

Yes, Anaheim University is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). The DEAC is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally-recognized accrediting agency. Anaheim University and its programs have been examined and found to meet the educational and business ethics standards set by the DEAC. The DEAC is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

2. Under what authority are the University's degrees granted?

As well as being accredited, Anaheim University also operates under the full approval of the State of California in accordance with the requirements set forth by the Bureau for Private Post-Secondary Education. Original temporary approval was granted in 1997 by the Council for Private Post-Secondary Education under Section 94310 of the California State Education Code. The temporary approval was changed to full approval in April 2007. Approval or approval to operate means that the Council has determined and certified that the institution meets minimum standards established by the Council for integrity, financial stability and educational quality, including the offering of bona fide instruction by qualified faculty and the appropriate assessment of students' achievements prior to, during, and at the end of its program. AU is authorized to grant graduate degrees at the doctoral, master, and graduate diploma levels as well as non-credit diploma and certificates under the degree granting authority of the Bureau for Private Post-Secondary Education.

3. Are the University's degree programs designed to meet specific credential requirements?

The University's degree programs are not designed to meet any local, state or national licensing or credentialing laws, nor to meet any requirements established by any private, independent, professional or governmental associations. Prospective students are instructed to check with their respective school districts, state, professional associations and government agencies when licensing and/or credentials are the eventual objective of the prospective student.

4. Are credits from Anaheim University accepted by other universities?

Anaheim University is an accredited university and generally qualifications from accredited universities are widely recognized; however, it is entirely up to the discretion of the college, university or institution to which a student is seeking admission, to decide on the acceptance of the said student into a given degree program. It is recommended that if transfer of credit or degree is the eventual goal of the prospective student, the student should contact all institutions to which s/he is potentially interested in seeking enrollment. Anaheim University has not entered into an articulation or transfer agreement with any other college or university.


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