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Master of Entrepreneurship Program Fees

Affordable Pay-As-You-Learn System: Pay for only one course at a time, or receive a 10% discount on tuition by paying 100% of your program fees at the time you enroll.

Application and Registration Fees
Application Fee
(Non-refundable after 5 days)
$ 75
Registration Fee
(Non-refundable after 5 days)
$ 100
Per Course Fees
Tuition Fee
($375 per credit x three credits)
$ 1,125/course taken
Records Fee $ 200/term
Per Course Fee Total: $1,325.00
Additional Fees
Transfer Credit Fee $ 125 / credit
Graduation fee $ 300
Original Transcript No cost
Each Additional Transcript Copy $ 25(optional)
End of Program Fees
Diploma No cost
Replacement Diploma $ 100.00 (optional)
Course Completion Letter $ 35.00 (optional)

Degree Program Total
Degree Program Total $16,375

Note: The list of tuition fees does not include textbook fees. Textbooks average approximately $150 - $200 per course. To maintain active status, the records fee must be paid even if skipping a term.

The above itemizes all of the fees and charges for which the student is responsible.

Each course is US$1,325.00 for tuition excluding books, materials and other costs as follows. Students must pay the required tuition fee prior to commencing their next course. The student is not required to pay this tuition fee until the student wishes to register for his or her next course.

Payment Procedures

  1. A US$75 application fee must be submitted with the student's application.
  2. Upon acceptance, the student must pay $1,325 for tuition and the $200 records fee for the first course plus the $100 registration fee.
  3. Two weeks prior to the commencement of each course, the $1,325 tuition fee and $200 records fee are to be paid by the student.
  4. Prior to graduation, the $300 graduation fee must be paid.

Tuition may be paid on a course-by-course basis. Students who pay all program fees at one time are eligible for a 10% discount on tuition. Students may make payment by check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover), money order or bank transfer. To maintain active status, the records fee must be paid even if skipping a term.

Please contact Anaheim University for information on how to make payments.

Please note that all payments made are paid in US dollars.

* An extension may be granted by the Dean to students requiring more time to complete the program. Students will be required to pay the records fee for each term enrolled.

Diplomatic and Military Service Discount: From January 1, 2006, those who have served their government through either diplomatic or military service may be eligible for a 10% discount.