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Upon completion of the Diploma in Sustainable Management program, students will be able to:

  • greenmba top02Conduct a detailed literature review in sustainability using relevant bibliographical resources from print and online resources;
  • Explain current conceptual and theoretical trends, issues and concerns in the field of sustainability;
  • Describe current research issues and concerns in the field of sustainability;
  • Discuss significant research findings in the field of sustainability;
  • Master analytical tools for decision making in a complex business world of issues and problems pertaining to sustainability;
  • Discuss with an in-depth understanding the functional fields of business and their interrelationships incomplex organizations as they deal with issues of sustainability;
  • Identify the skills of leadership, teamwork and supervision necessary to move organizations into a decision-making framework necessary to deal with organizations impact on a variety of ecosystems;
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication, presentation, and critical thinking skills necessary to convey the importance of sustainability to various stakeholders;
  • Use technology as a tool in the effective management of organizational resources;
  • Use applied quantitative and behavioral tools of business analysis and decision-making to understandan organization s impact on a variety of ecosystems;
  • Describe the ethical considerations in decision-making within the business world as they pertain to thenecessity of developing sustainable operations;
  • Devise and implement appropriate strategies for their own ongoing professional development in the fieldof sustainable management.