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Live Webcam Classes

Online HD Webcam Classes in Real Time

webcamSilver Video Chat in HD with your professor and fellow students around the globe in real time

The Real-Time Online HD Webcam Classes offer these features:

  • Real-time high definition video communication with professors and fellow students residing around the world
  • Online classes recorded and archived

Classes are typically held on Friday nights (North/South America time) / Saturday mornings (Asia time).

For each course in the MFA program, the Ed.D. and MA TESOL programs,  except for the Research Portfolio, students meet for 90 minutes a week, with the first 60 minutes being taught by the professor and the remaining 30 minutes being led by an elected Student Host. Students in the Business Administration, Sustainable Management , and Entrepreneurship programs, on the other hand, meet in real-time online webcam classes with their professors twice during each six-week course: once during the first and fourth weeks of the term.

Professors lead powerpoint presentations and facilitate discussions amongst the students through video, audio and text chat in real time. ...

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Online Discussion Forum


Communicate daily in your free time with your professor and classmates around the globe

The Online Discussion Forum is an electronic network facilitating active communication and interaction among all students enrolled in the same course. When you post a message to the Online Discussion Forum, the post is immediately available to all other students in the course, allowing students to discuss the week's readings in their free time. A weekly Student Host directs students to perform certain tasks as outlined in the online course guide.


All discussions are facilitated by the course professor, who helps to guide the students. The Online Discussion Forum plays an integral part in AU's online programs by facilitating the out-of-class interaction among students necessary for effective exchange of ideas. The Online Discussion Forum ensures that learning and interaction do not end when the class does. ...

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Anaheim University Press


Dr. Rod EllisAnaheim University Press is the academic publishing division of Anaheim University, an accredited institution of higher learning, based in Anaheim, California. Anaheim University Press publishes in-print scholarly works, e-books and digital learning content. Anaheim University Press provides opportunities for scholars, faculty, and students to individually or collectively publish books, articles and research reports. All published material is made available for global interest.


"Teaching English to Young Learners" by David Nunan

Teaching English to Young Learners by David Nunan

Teaching English to Young Learners is written by the world's leading textbook author and past president of the TESOL International Association, Dr. David Nunan. The aim of Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) is to provide you with knowledge and skills for teaching English as a second or foreign language to young learners aged 3 to 15.  ...

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About the Alumni Association

billhartleyBy virtue of successfully completing your studies at Anaheim University you have become a member of a distinguished and growing group of individuals whose continued contributions and support of the University are critical to our success.

The University is supported by three separate, but equally important, pillars. The first pillar is our highly motivated and very able students who represent our reason for being. The second pillar is our faculty and administration who constantly strive to make Anaheim University the finest of its kind in the world. The third pillar is you, our alumni whose continued contributions and support of the University are critical to the University's continued success. ...

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Global Networking

Join the AU Global Learning Network

Anaheim University's online learning community provides the opportunity to network with students around the world. Whether you are studying in Anaheim University's online MBA, Sustainability or TESOL program, you will have the opportunity to participate in academic and professional discussions with your professors and classmates from around the globe.

As a member of AU's Online Global Community, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Share a great variety of perspectives through live webcam classes and daily forum discussions
  • Learn the latest in global strategies in a culturally diverse environment from professors and students residing around the world...
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Students First, Always

Accredited online English Language Teacher education (TESOL), International Business and Sustainable Management programs at Anaheim University.


A Truly World-Class Education

Learn from world-acclaimed TESOL experts, and gain invaluable insight from leading-edge Sustainability and International Business Professionals.