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About Stephen Buchsbaum

Stephen Buchsbaum became CEO of The Post Group after more than 25 years of postproduction experiencein the film and televisionindustry. He joined Unitel Video in 1984 and helped develop the TLC, or Time Logic Controller, which is now the standard tool for film to tape projects. His experience landed him at the Post Group where he was involved in the design and construction of the "Digital Center," a fully digital facility that was the first of its kind.

In 1990, he became President of Video Research Company (VRC), where he restructured the company and increased its profitability. While working for Cinema Research, the parent company of VRC, he was behind the first installation of Quantel's Domino, a digital opticals system for feature films. Buchsbaum was also involved in creating DRS, with Mathematical Technologies, Inc., a successful dust and scratch removal ssytem that now is available in over 50 post facilities around the world. He then launched Creative Edge, a successful web and software development company that is now part of the Post Group family. Mr. Buchsbaum's broad experience with postproduction led him to the opportunity at the New Post Group as CEO.

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