Ryan Fujii

1) Why did you choose Anaheim University?
I chose Anaheim University for several reasons.  First, I heard about the program through a colleague who did the program a few years back and recommended the program as she had a positive experience.  Second, the program was setup by the well-recognized linguist, Dr. David Nunan, who has written many books on the subject matter.  Third, the program had monthly opportunities to join and I was able to time it to coincide with what I thought would work smoothly into my school year schedule, which it did.  Fourth, I like the idea of being able to study by distance learning but also having the opportunity to study with someone else who can relate to what I was thinking and writing about.  Finally, the cost was very reasonable and I could afford it.

Paul Watson

1) Why did you choose Anaheim University?
Basically, because of 5 key reasons:

  • The professional and kind staff
  • Accreditation
  • Researched based and relevant academic programs
  • Competitive cost
  • Practical payment system


Anaheim University was honored to receive this letter of congratulations from the Mayor of the City of Anaheim, Tom Tait, for Anaheim University's 20 years of "providing top-quality online education worldwide".

Letter from Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait