To assist students in these uncertain economic times, new students in all our graduate programs as well as certificate programs who enroll by December 31, 2013 through the Tuition Relief Program will have the tuition fee portion of their fees reduced by 10%. This program was made possible through the support of such contributors as legendary actress/comedienne Carol Burnett and BodyGlove.

Anaheim University has appointed a new leadership team:

  • President: Dr. Andrew Honeycutt;
  • VP of Academic Affairs / Grad. School of Education Dean: Dr. Rod Ellis;
  • President Emeritus / David Nunan TESOL Institute Director: Dr. David Nunan;
  • Ed.D. in TESOL Director: Dr. Hayo Reinders;
  • MA in TESOL Director: TBA;
  • VP of Student & Alumni Affairs / Akio Morita School of Business Dean: Dr. William Hartley;
  • Carland Entrepreneurship Inst. Director: Dr. Jim Carland;
  • Kisho Kurokawa Green Inst. Director: TBA and
  • Akira Kurosawa School of Film Dean: Dr. David Desser.


On June 16, 2013, co-founder of Body Glove International / Dive N' Surf Inc., adventurer and Anaheim University supporter, Bob Meistrell (1928-2013), passed away at the age of 84. He lived his motto of “Do what you love, love what you do.” until his last day when he died from a heart attack on his boat, "The Disappearance". Bob and his twin brother Bill, who passed away in 2006, helped to create the worldwide “Surf Culture,” with their design, manufacturing and selling of the first commercially viable neoprene wetsuits.