Dr. Craig MayberryCraig Mayberry, Ph.D.

Craig Mayberry holds a Ph.D. in Resource Management and Environmental Studies from the University of British Columbia, and an MBA and bachelor degree in Economics from Brigham Young University.  He spent 9 years working in the corporate finance departments of Chrysler Corporation and Intel Corporation.  His dissertation research was on social entrepreneurship and the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation, leadership and performance of non-profit organizations.  He has been teaching for the past 12 years in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, management, and corporate social responsibility.


  • University of British Columbia Ph.D. in Resource Management and Environmental Studies
  • Brigham Young University MBA in Finance & Bachelor degree in Economics
  • Corporate finance experience at Chrysler Corporation and Intel Corporation
  • Dissertation research on Social Entrepreneurship


Welcome to business ethics, I am looking forward to working with you over the next six weeks.  I have been teaching business ethics for the last 10 years and the topic is fascinating because of the complexity of trying to figure out what is ethical or not and then to be able to explain why.  We will be dealing with a number of interesting topics this term.  Your final paper is going to be on outsourcing and what role do companies have in overseeing an ethical supply chain.  We will also deal with a number of case studies where we will be able to debate actions by companies and whether they were ethical or not.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.