The online solution was perfect for me. Anaheim University provides the benefit of bringing in high-end faculty even though you may be located in a remote area and for a very reasonable tuition fee. I like to model systems and their functional mechanisms. The MBA helped me to model the organization and put relations in all parts. This is very effective when it comes to optimizing the organization itself and all its processes.” – Hachette Collections Japan President Eric Duchemin


International MBA Course Schedule 2018 - 2019

Live online webcam seminars are 120 minutes; the first hour is led by an expert speaker and the final hour is for professor-led discussion. All times are California/Pacific Time. Please note the schedule is subject to change.

Graduate Certificate students choose any 3 out of the 10 courses offered in the International Business program.

Term Term Dates Courses Offered Live Online Webcam Seminar Dates
7 Sep. 24 - Nov. 4, 2018 BUS 530 International Accounting October 5 & October 26 
8 Nov. 5 - Dec. 16, 2018 BUS 565 Sustainable Enterprise Development and Leadership TBA  
1 Jan. 1 - Feb. 17 BUS 560 International Finance
BUS 570 Intercultural Communications
Feb. 18 - Mar. 31 BUS 520 International Human Resource Management
BUS 535 Triple Bottom Line Accountability and Management
April 1 - May 12 BUS 510 International Economics TBA   
May 20 - June 30 BUS 555 CSR and Ethics
BUS 550 International Management
July 1 - Aug. 11 BUS 572 Seminar in International Business
ENT 580 Social Entrepreneurship
Aug. 12 - Sep. 22  BUS 540 International Marketing TBA   
Sep. 23 - Nov. 3  ENT 540 Entrepreneurial Forecasting and Planning
BUS 575 Supply Chain Management
Nov. 4 - Dec. 15  BUS 542 International Business Law and Practice
BUS 545 Green Marketing and Environmental Product Design / Recycling

All online class times are California/Pacific Time. Please note that California observes Daylight Savings Time each year from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November.