Alison Marek 

Alison Marek, MFA

Alison Marek (MFA, New York University) started telling stories with words and images on paper:  She wrote and illustrated a graphic novel called “Desert Streams,” which was published by Piranha Press, an imprint of DC Comics. A second book, "Sparrow," followed the next year. She wrote and illustrated a comic strip, "Fido Kaplan,"  that was published by Fairchild Publications in "Travel Today!" At Hunter College in New York City, Alison studied writing with the playwright Tina Howe and memoirist Louise DeSalvo, and was her class Valedictorian. She then went on to New York University's prestigious film directing program. Alison's short films, web series and PSAs have been broadcast, become festival favorites and have won grants and awards, including a Showtime Networks Inc. production grant, Sloan Foundation grant, a local Emmy nomination, and a Gold Aurora. Alison has worked as an associate field producer at Magical Elves and PivotTV, where she helped shape stories during development and post-production.

Message from Alison Marek, MFA

Welcome to the final stage of cinematic storytelling: Editing. Post-production is the place where creating a magical experience for the audience really takes flight. I look forward to meeting you all, learning about your stories and dreams, and helping you make them come true -- in the editing suite and beyond.