The 15-week Online Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program offers students the opportunity of developing a solid pedagogical foundation through instruction in the following areas:

    1. Language teaching methodology
    2. Listening
    3. Speaking
    4. Reading
    5. Writing
    6. Pronunciation
    7. Vocabulary
    8. Grammar
    9. Discourse
    10. Content-based instruction
    11. Using coursebooks
    12. Computer-assisted language learning
    13. Learning styles and strategies
    14. Learner autonomy in the classroom
    15. Classroom-based assessment
    16. Cross-cultural communication


Also, in order to assist you allocate your time, the course guide contains a weekly breakdown. It is a suggestion only, but one that students are advised to adhere to as closely as possible to keep up with the demanding schedule of the course. Below is an example:

Weekly Study Format:

150 min. video lecture & PowerPoint presentation (watching video, reviewing PowerPoint, taking notes, reflecting on notes)

150 min. background reading
120 min. preparation of responses to discussion questions and tasks
90 min. discussion board
30 min. online quiz

9 hours total per week

Duration: 15 weeks x 9 hours per week = 135 hour course