Residential Sessions (Residentials)

The Residentials are an integral part of Anaheim University's Ed.D. in TESOL and MA TESOL programs, and they are widely considered by students to be their favorite component of the program. The Residentials have two primary aims:

  • To complement the existing curriculum by focusing on specific topics that are introduced in the online courses but not addressed in detail
  • To enhance the sense of community among the students and faculty members in the programs through face-to-face communication.


At the Residentials, formal lectures are kept to a minimum. Instead, students work collaboratively, engage in debates, make presentations, and focus on practical assignments and tasks in ways that are limited in an online environment. The Residentials also provide the instructors with an opportunity to model pedagogical practices. By taking part in simulations, debates and other activities, students get to see firsthand how these activities can be incorporated into their own instruction. They complete a series of experiential application tasks that complement the theoretical and empirical input provided through the online courses.

Students must attend two four-day Residential sessions during their program. Students who register for a Residential will receive information prior to the start of the program that contains details about accommodations, schedule, pre-residential tasks and pre-residential reading. Typically, there are two groups -- one for the MA students and one for the Ed.D. students -- along with three plenary sessions that bring the two groups of students together. The tuition for the Residential Session is included in the total program price, but students must pay for their own travel, room and board. The Residential Session typically alternates between California and Asia.

Residential Session