Yuri Angie White"In 2006 I started out as a newbie in S. Korea. Then in 2010, I started my MA TESOL program and gained a wealth of knowledge at Anaheim University. I spent 9 years in S.Korea, moved back to California in 2016 and transitioned into an assistant academic director role and now Academic Director. Along the way the education I received from AU has not only given me "street cred" but provided me with an amazing opportunity to present at MECA (Multicultural Educational Conference in Anaheim). THANK YOU ANAHEIM UNIVERSITY for being a part of my professional development. I am forever grateful." – English Language Center Director of Courses Yuri Angie White


Upon completion of the MA in TESOL program, students will be able to:

  • IMG 0295AU TESOL Chair Dr. Rod EllisCarry out a detailed literature review using relevant bibliographical resources from print and online resources
  • Articulate current conceptual and theoretical trends, issues and concerns in the fields of applied linguistics and language pedagogy
  • Describe current research issues and concerns
  • Design a range of curriculum modules, lesson plans, pedagogical materials and assessment tools to meet a range of learner needs
  • Summarize significant research findings in the field
  • Evaluate and critique syllabi, curricula and pedagogical materials
  • Analyze samples of language from first and second language users using phonological, lexical, morphosyntactic and discoursal tools
  • Design, implement and evaluate two pieces of original research into language acquisition and/or use
  • Devise and implement appropriate strategies for their own ongoing professional development.