Public Law 93-380 establishes the limit as to what information may be divulged to potential or actual employers, governmental agencies, or other educational institutions that request information. The student may request in writing that all or part of the following information should not be released for any reason.

  1. Name of student
  2. Birthplace and birthday of student (for positive identification)
  3. Student’s address and telephone number
  4. Dates of student attendance at Anaheim University
  5. Degrees or other awards received by the student
  6. Major fields of study
  7. Most recent previous educational agency/institution attended by student.

The law further provides that certain information may be released without the student’s consent in the following cases:

  1. To authorized officials of the United States Department of Education or to State
  2. educational authorities.
  3. To organizations conducting studies for or on behalf of, educational agencies or
  4. institutions for the purpose of developing, validating, or administering predictive tests and improving instruction.
  5. To accrediting agencies in order to carry out their function.
  6. In compliance with a judicial order, or pursuant to any lawfully issued subpoenas in
  7. advance of compliance therewith by the University.
  8. To other school officials , including instructors, within the Anaheim organization who
  9. have been determined by the University to have a legitimate educational interest.
  10. To appropriate persons in connection with an emergency, if knowledge of such information